Our team has over 10 years of experience organising weddings and events in Spain and internationally. We are not just wedding planners. We are producers, designers, confidents, friends...   

For international couples, by an international couple. Our founders bring the best from Spain and United Kingdom. We are the best of both worlds. We are happy, restless, affectionate and we love to eat well. We are polite, punctual, precise, and we love tea. We travel, we plan, we make lists, many lists. We like to do things with care, love and weddings are their favourite parties. 

What do we do? We look after other's people happiness while they are with us. Our team is proud of being this our best quality. We look after our couples, of course we do. But doesn't finish there. We look after their families, their suppliers and anyone who is involved in the wedding process. We make everyone feel welcome, in our family and have the time of their lives. 

Organising a wedding is a long and intimate process, so it is important that there is a mutual connection between the couple and the planner. For this reason we keep our company ‘boutique’ and only take on one new client per month. That’s how we deliver a service that we are proud of and deliver to the standards we hold ourselves to.. 

If you are looking for your dream wedding, there is just 3 simple steps:

Get a consultation call
Become one of our couples
We organise the dream wedding

love words

"Every video call with The Planner Co. was like Christmas morning. We will miss having them in our life" 


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