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Benefits of hiring a wedding planner


Organising a wedding is always a challenge but even more if you are planning a destination wedding abroad. Not knowing the language, the time difference, the distance, lack of time or the cultural unknowledge are a few of the handicaps many couples have when it comes to organising a wedding abroad. But this doesn't mean you can't do it.

In the same way you have an accountant doing your yearly tax return (whether you don't feel comfortable doing it, not having the time to do it or to make sure it's done properly) people hire wedding planners to help them organise this very special day for them.

All of us have seen a movie where a pretty planner wears a walkie talkie and runs around the church making sure the music is on time, but wedding planners exist and they really do more than that. You will be surprised how much they can help you make the day you always dreamt for. They will help you budgeting, scheduling and even rescheduling.

At The Planner Co. we love helping couples not just creating an amazing day, but helping them enjoy all of the process from day one, without stress and making the most of their possibilities.

The benefits of hiring a wedding planner are endless. Depending on the couple, they have different priorities where a planner can help them. Whatever your ideal wedding is and your situation, here's a list of benefits you will get from hiring a professional wedding planner.

Time Saving.

Do you know how many hours it takes to plan a wedding? A couple without an organizer can spend between 200 and 300 hours planning their wedding. The reason for this is that you will have to start everything from scratch, you will have to do a lot of research, learning and reading to make sure you are making the right decisions.

If you work, you will need to spend your evenings and weekends off with supplier calls, reading emails, comparing and verifying contracts (sometimes in a different language if you get married outside of your country!).

A wedding planner will do all of this work for you. They will read the fine print of the contracts, find the best providers for you, manage times, advise you and meet with providers.

For a destination wedding, the planner also acts as your eyes, they will be your correspondent. They will prospect for you, meet, test ... At The Planner Co. we are used to endless video calls (even before they were hot) at any time of the day!

Having an organizer who is available to accommodate your schedules is also very important, as sometimes time difference or work schedules are a challenge.

Making the boring - fun.

We are not going to lie, not everything on planning a wedding is fun (well, it is for us of course). You will need to read the fine print of every contract, search for the best suppliers, interview them, ask them the right questions.

Some of these parts are boring and confusing if you haven't done a wedding before, so a planner will help you remove all the stress and will do this job for you. At the planner Co. we have fun from the moment you say yes to us!

Find creative solutions.

A planner should work with the couples to come up with solutions for your wedding. We get to know our couples very well, so we advise them in a way that is easy for them to prioritise and get the most of everything. Nothing is impossible when you know the rules. A good planner will offer advice in any situation to get the most and the best of your day.

Knowledge of the industry and the country.​

It is key to find a planner who not just has experience in planning, but also in the country you want to get married. In The Planner Co. we are very knowledgeable about Spain and the UK,we know many suppliers, venues and we have got married many many times in these countries, so you are in good hands.

The right planner will share all this knowledge with you so you can make the right decision, hire the right suppliers. A wedding planner gets married many times each year, that's what makes them experts. They know what to ask each supplier to understand if it is a good fit and hiring someone without knowing what to ask could be a bit tricky. They know what works and what won't.


A good planner should always try to find your best interest, find fair prices for you and definitely get the most out of your budget.At The Planner Co. we do this by focusing on your priorities, negotiating with suppliers and passing these savings straight to you.

We say that hiring us means an investment for you because we’ll save you money on suppliers.

Asking the right questions when hiring a supplier will help you save money. If you know in advance what you need, you wont end up with surprises later on that you might not expect.


The success of any wedding is the organization,and planners are experts in this. It doesn't matter if you have the most beautiful wedding venue, or the tastiest menu, if the organisation of the day is not well thought out. We help you make sure your wedding is planned in detail so nothing gets in the way. And for any last minute issues (which we assure you do happen) we are there to sort them out before you even realise.

You usually will work with one planner during the whole preparation, but on the day it is always key to have a small team of people that can focus on different things and make the wedding run smoothly.

Idependent Wedding Planners.

We love independent wedding planners. Which means each search they do is from scratch and completely personalized.They don’t have direct deals that restrict them to specific venues and suppliers. . This is what makes a good planner. Once they know you, they will know which suppliers are a good fit for you and will search to find the right ones.

Be sure to ask if your supplier is independent or if they only work with certain suppliers.. You’ll be surprised by how many will only offer you the same venues that they offer all of their clients because of the deals they have in place.


Nowadays, weddings are more personalised, special and different. If you want to have a wedding that shows your personality, with small touches and details, a planner can help you with this. They know the trends, what works, what does not, and they should be able to guide you to find a creative wedding that everyone enjoys and remembers.

Basically, the outcome of working with a planner should be that you will have fun during the process, that they will remove the stress from any situation and you will get the wedding you always wanted

We haven't met anyone yet who has regretted having a wedding planner for their wedding but many people who would wished to have had one! You don't get married twice, so lets make sure you make the right decision. If this sounds like something you need, get in touch with us for a free consultation video call and discover everything we can do for you.

If this sounds like something you need, get in touch with us for a free consultation video call and discover everything we can do for you.