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Average cost of a wedding in Spain.


Many people think that getting married in Spain is cheap. I wouldn’t say that’s 100% true, but what I can certainly say is that you will get much more from your budget, you will get amazing food and sunny weather. 

Starting from here, we want to highlight the different costs you will need to face to plan your wedding in Spain, so you can get an average cost of how much your wedding in Spain will cost.

Wedding Planner.

If you are organising a destination wedding, this is probably one of the key elements you can’t miss in your wedding. You can check out our last post to discover all the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, but having them by your side will make this process much more fun and easy, while saving you time, money and stress, especially if you don’t speak the language.

The price of the planner will really vary depending on the service they provide. You can find very cheap options but that has another side to it. Some planners work on a commission basis, which means they have agreements with certain suppliers and venues so that’s why they can offer very cheap prices for their ‘planning’ service. In the Planner Co. we like to work differently. Our clients pay our fee and we don’t accept commission from other suppliers. This means we are not limited to work with any suppliers. We will search from scratch until we find the best match for you. We will also help you save money as the discount we get from suppliers will pass it directly onto you.

Another way of knowing this is when you contact a planner and they automatically show you the venues. This would mean, they will have a deal with those venues and will try to sell you those, without searching what would be best for your specific case.

A professional wedding planner will charge anywhere between 3.000€ -10.000€, depending on the size of your wedding and needs.

Wedding Venue.

The landscape of Spain is as varied as it’s gastronomy. You can find lovely vineyards, farmhouses, villas by the sea, houses in the mountains, boutique hotels, urban rooftops, colonial houses, there is everything on offer.

Venues can vary from 0€ – 12.000€. Some venues will include the venue hire with their menu, some others won’t, some others will also include accommodation for your closest family and friends. The options are endless.

This is a very important decision when planning a wedding, so we highly recommend doing a good search before committing to any place. You need to know things such as if you need to work with their preferred suppliers, if they have any music limitation, closing time or exclusivity of use of the venue for your wedding.


This will vary if you are getting married in the church or doing a blessing in the venue. The “donatives” for the wedding churches in Spain goes between 200€ and 500€ and if you are looking for a celebrant for a blessing, this will go from 500€ to 900€


This is probably one of the best things about getting married in Spain – The Food -. Spaniards really value food, so the standards for a wedding in Spain are very high. When you first look at a menu package in Spain it might sound expensive, but when you break down what it includes, you will be very surprised and happy because there will be so much included.

Menus usually include 1.5 hours of a cocktail reception, sometimes a couple of show cooking stations and a 2-3 course meal. Of course, drinks are included from the very first moment with an open bar of local beers, wines and refreshments plus 3-4 hours of open bar when the party starts. Don’t forget about the midnight snacks, which are fantastic after all that booze.

Another good thing about catering in Spain is that they usually consist of locally sourced and seasonal products.

Menus vary between 80€ – 250€ depending on the area, season, how many guests and day of the week. A good average with all the above included would be 120€-150€.

You will find caterers that also include things like flower decoration, table deco, setting plan, DJ, etc. We always prefer to work with suppliers that focus on what they do and leave the couple the option of accommodating this as their wish.


This will really depend on your budget and expectations. How much you want to spend on decoration and flowers is a question you will need to ask yourself even before picking the venue. Some venues have an incredible natural beauty and you will barely need to add anything to them to make your wedding beautiful. Finding a venue like this will help you save money but will also contribute enormously to the look and feel of your wedding. Also, picking a venue that already has beautiful furniture and chairs will also make a good saving.

It’s always good to work with seasonal flowers as it’s more sustainable and affordable. Also, when you pick the date for your wedding also take into consideration the time. If you want a beautiful venue with a lavender field you will need to pick May or June. If you want a beautiful flower landscape, you won’t be able to get married in summer for example.

Leave your planner/designer to guide you to make the most of your budget without compromising a beautiful wedding. As an allocation, you will be spending anything from 1.500€ and up to the sky.

AV and Music.

The options are endless. Flamenco guitar solo, string quartet, soul band, Jazz and you will be able to spend as much or as little as you want. A musician will start from 250€ and will go up to as much as you want. 

You can always have a playlist or a DJ during the whole duration of the wedding, but hiring a band will really enhance your day.

Photo and Video.

There is a famous idiom in Spain called “Para Gustos Colores” which means something like “for every taste there are colours“. There are millions of options and wedding photographers and videographers in Spain, so the key here would be to really investigate their portfolio and see different full sessions.

It’s very easy to get 2-3 good pictures from a wedding, so we always recommend checking full sessions on their website rather than Instagram accounts. Instagram just shows a little example of the wedding and you will really want to know how your full session will look.

The prices range between 1.500€ and 6.000€, depending on their experience, hours of work and how many photographers/videographers you will have.

Stationary and Wedding Website

This won’t be a very huge section in your budget and can also be reduced to 0€ if you decide for a digital option. There are plenty of options and some couples decide to use a wedding website

A bespoke wedding website can go from 300€ to 600€ and an off the shelf wedding website from 15€ to 120€.

If you want to have physical wedding invites, this could be anywhere between 3€ – 10€ per invite, depending on the material, design, type of invite, handwriting, etc.

Hair & Make Up.

Prices start from 250€ and up to 1.500€. Those prices will always include a trial that we highly recommend you to do, even if that’s a couple of days before the wedding. 

The differences in prices will depend on the popularity of the stylist, if the service is at home (or in the venue) and if it’s just make up or also hair.

Wedding Dress.

Although Spain has brilliant wedding designers, we always recommend our destination brides to get the dress done in your local city, unless you can come to Spain a few times before your wedding. You can always ask your atelier to pack and send your dress to Spain so you avoid carrying it in your luggage.

Saying this, if you can come a few times, the options are endless. Prices will start from 1.000€ for a “pret a porter” option and can go up to 10.000€ for a “haute couture” dress.

For the groom, this will go from 200€ to 1.500€ including the suit and complements such a watch and cufflinks.

If you want to get more information about getting married in Spain, contact us to arrange a free consultation video call.