We cannot tell you which are the best wedding venues, but we can present some of them to you so that you can judge for yourself. Put on your wedding dress and wedding suit and go with us in search of the perfect venue for your wedding day. From olive trees and lavish gardens to stunning villas all over the island near the sea, we will certainly find something for everyone.

wedding venues in MENORCA

Faustino Gran Relais & Chateaux

This hotel is located across the harbour from Ciutadella in Menorca and is a beautiful place to celebrate your special day with an incomparable blend of luxury and the wild beauty of Menorca. Hotel Faustino is not just an ordinary hotel, it is a set of three palaces dating back to the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries surrounded by 15 hectares of peaceful pine forest right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

The property offers wedding guests 56 rooms of great elegance, 9 luxurious suites, and a luxurious villa, which has incredible views of the harbour or the cathedral. You and your guests can enjoy the surrounding palaces such as Cal Bisbe, Can Llorenc, and Can Sebastià as they offer magnificent views of the Ciutadella de Menorca Cathedral and provide a soothing ambience. 

The hotel's facilities include two different swimming pools, sun terraces, a spa centre located in an ancient cave, as well as an indoor pool, gym, sauna, and hammam. Spa Faustino, which has been awarded the Relais & Chateaux Spa quality label, further enhances the glamour of your wedding day. It offers different types of massage, while its cave setting makes it the perfect place to relax before or after your big day. 

We can't help but be enchanted by Faustino Gran Relais & Chateaux, because this wonderful place with large gardens has so much to offer. This hotel offers many accommodation options throughout its Ciutadella estate, has excellent pre- and post-wedding event spaces, and finally has a magnificent rural house to host the entire event.

The ceremony is next to the cliff, enjoying cocktails in vegetable beautiful gardens, dinner with family and close friends among the trees, and finally partying and dancing in the outdoor spaces of this historic house. You have to admit, it sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Weddings Tailored to Perfection

A wedding in Faustino Gran Relais & Chateaux would first of all be completely personalized, made, and organized exclusively for you and according to your criteria. The ceremony will be followed by a festive garden cocktail, which will allow guests to taste premium drinks and interesting appetizers. The party continues with a sumptuous dinner under the sky with twinkling stars providing the ideal backdrop for love and companionship.

At The Planner Co, we are dedicated to ensuring that every wedding we organize is planned in detail and tailored to the bride and groom's wishes. What you can expect from us, is look at the pictures from the previous celebrations that we organized here and we are sure that everything will be clear to you.

Considerations for Your Big Day

Although it's hard to resist this perfect venue with all the virtues it has, you have to keep in mind one very important thing, which is that you need to provide transportation for your loved ones to the country club (Casa de Pau).

Another note that you should be aware of is that if you are having a big party for a lot of friends and family, you will have to hire external catering for the wedding day, which could be a good thing because you can adjust the menu according to your taste.

Ideal For

This is a great place to get married if you are a lover of nature and peaceful surroundings with a rustic vibe. It can accommodate a lot of guests, so it supports an intimate wedding with a small number of people, but also a large celebration.

Capacity: It’s great for weddings of up to 150 people.

Location: Carrer de sa Muradeta, 22, 07760 Ciutadella de Menorca, Balearic Islands.


The Llucasaldent exclusive hotel, which is also a vineyard, is another exceptional destination in Menorca. This place stands out for having both indoor and outdoor spaces that can host celebrations of various sizes and styles. The vineyard of this estate is incredible and gives every event a piece of natural beauty and winemaking tradition.

What makes Llucasaldent a unique wedding venue is not only its beautiful view but also its comprehensive service. The place stands out because it has its own chef and kitchen team who design their menus to ensure the highest quality of food for your unforgettable day. Whether you prefer a more classic dinner, a buffet, or a more relaxed cocktail reception, the culinary team at Llucasaldent can turn your dream into reality with their skill and creativity.

Whether you have in mind an intimate gathering under the stars or a great event in the vineyard, Llucasaldent has a versatile setting that can be tailored to suit your taste. The interior spaces at Llucasaldent radiate a sense of elegance and can be easily transformed into a venue that can accommodate any theme and style of decoration while the outdoor spaces, home to the large swimming pool, capture the beauty of Menorca's nature, providing the perfect backdrop for ceremonies and parties.

A Wedding in the Vines

The combination of wine culture and celebration in this place will surely be an extraordinary trip for you and your loved ones and will provide a sweet taste of fine gastronomy with a magnificent panorama of the estate.

We will organize a wonderful wedding here in June, so photos will soon be available on our website where you will be able to see this beautiful place, in addition to a detailed description, through our photographer's lens, and thus combine the whole feeling about this place.

Planning Essentials

The road leading to the event space is of limited width and therefore the use of minibusses or similar compact and convenient means of transport is necessary to ensure that all your guests can access the venue quickly and easily.

This is a very important part for those who arrange a large wedding because the number of wedding guests determines the complexity and scope of transportation. So, the bigger the wedding, the more importance should be given to this aspect to guarantee a pleasant and trouble-free celebration for all the guests.

Perfect Match - The Ideal Venue for Wine Lovers

Llucasaldent is a dream wedding venue for wine-loving newlyweds who want to have an elegant wedding ceremony surrounded by vineyards. The enchanting setting of the venue, combined with its capacity to accommodate a large number of guests, makes it an ideal choice for individuals who want a destination wedding that reflects the spirit of Menorca.

Capacity: It’s great for weddings of up to 250 people. There is accommodation in the venue that can host up to 33 people, divided into 12 rooms inside the house and 4 more rooms in a house inside the venue. 

Location: Ctra. Alaior- Son Bou Km 2.4, 07730, Menorca, Balearic Islands


Torralbenc, a combination of winery and agritourism, is a unique choice for a wedding venue as it combines old-school charm with modern amenities. The site consists of buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries, which were once the centre of the island's livestock and agriculture and have now been converted into hotel accommodations of unsurpassed beauty.

Today, this transformation has created a fusion of old tradition and modern luxury, where couples have the opportunity to make their wedding day famous by incorporating personalized elements into a refined and elegant setting.

Anticipation for Future Celebrations

We are very excited about this location and the opportunity to work here because we are sure that it has a lot of potential. With its pool area, many trees, large open space, beautiful gardens, and delicious specialities for dinner, it gives a wonderful impression and true Menorcan style where you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy the ceremony that only appears in the pictures. We invite you to explore their website, and social media to discover what more exceptional features this rural house has to offer.

Considerations and Details

The venue is available for events in March, April, May, June 1-15, September 15-30, and all of October. If you are planning to get married in Torralbenc, take into account the fact that you may have to pay extra if you want your celebration to be in a month other than this.

With this consideration, you ensure that your wedding in Menorca will be aligned with Torralbenc's schedule and that you and your future wife will be prepared in advance for everything that awaits you during the preparations and decisions.

Who Should Consider Torralbenc

This wedding venue is an ideal place for couples who dream of their wedding day as a colorful and joyful outdoor celebration. This is the perfect venue if you like to entertain and party as it has the added benefit of allowing you to host outdoor events without the late license restrictions.

Capacity. The hotel has 27 rooms, with a capacity for up to 60 people. It would be perfect for intimate weddings, so all your guests can stay in the venue together. Bigger weddings for up to 120 people seated style and cocktail style up to 300 people.

Location: Ctra. Mao, Km.10, 07730 Cala'n Porter, Balearic Islands.

Alcaufar Vell

Converted into a hotel with a refined 18th-century touch, this manor house offers a beautiful setting for a fairytale wedding. The facility offers 22 rooms decorated in vintage style, offering a harmonious combination of classic luxury and modern amenities.

As the accommodation facilities have been designed to have a separate division both in the main house and in the old presses which have been carefully renovated, each room exudes character. The hotel has several different spaces for organizing wedding receptions.

Awaiting New Stories

Although we have not yet had the opportunity to organize a wedding at Alcaufar Vell, its potential is undeniable and we believe that you would be happy with the outcome here. With its blend of historical elegance and contemporary comfort, it promises to be a sought-after venue for celebrations in the future.

Exclusive Celebrations

For a unique and exclusive hotel experience that you would give to your loved ones, the reservation and wedding should take place during October, but if you are more for an intimate ceremony, then book anytime, because then the number of rooms for rent goes up to 12, but for you it certainly won't be a problem if a small wedding is your final decision.

The Natural Beauty of The Island That Should Leave You Indifferent

Menorca offers plenty of beautiful places for your wedding, whether you dream of a beach ceremony, a rustic farmhouse wedding, or a sophisticated wedding at a historic site. The natural beauty of the island provides a picturesque setting that is hard to find elsewhere.

Ideal For

The venue is perfect for anyone looking to celebrate their marriage in a place that resonates with history while offering modern comforts. Its extensive gardens, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, and its proximity to beautiful coves and beaches make it an unrivalled choice for a destination wedding.

Nearby are Torre De Alcanfor, Calo Roig, and Cave des Coloms, these are just some of the interesting locations that would be worth visiting before or after the wedding, so get down to exploring.

Capacity: It’s great​​ for​​ weddings of up to 200 people.

Location: Carr. Alcalfar, Km. 8, 2, 07710 Sant Lluís, Balearic Islands.

Unique Menorca Wedding Venues all over the Balearic Island 

From luxury hotels and opulent villas to intimate fincas and wineries, Menorca provides you with a variety of beautiful wedding venues that suit your wishes and can be adapted to your wedding style. Each place has its special appeal, such as a ceremony that can be held by the Mediterranean Sea near beautiful beaches, in a green garden, or in a historical place.

Varied and Delicious Food: Menorcan Style 

Menorcan cuisine is simply amazing, from fish that comes straight from the ocean, fresh seafood, local cheese, and a mixture of Spanish and Mediterranean flavours, you will enjoy the flavours of this Balearic island. You can include these local specialities in your wedding catering and thus enable your guests to experience a true authentic experience of local Spanish cuisine that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Intimacy and Much Less Crowds: The Peace of Rural Menorca

A little different from other popular islands such as Mallorca and Ibiza, in Menorca your wedding becomes a much more personal gathering. Its spaciousness and relaxed pace allow you not only to enjoy an intimate celebration with your loved ones, but also to feel calm and peaceful, and relish without the stress and hustle of the outside world.

Pleasant Weather Conditions: Ceremonies Under the Clear Sky 

The fact that the island of Menorca enjoys 300 sunny days a year favours wedding planning, especially between May and October. This is why this island has a reputation as a perfect summer destination because it remains sunny throughout the day, and the evenings are also mild and warm.


Although at first glance it looks like it is very far from the rest of the world, Menorca can be reached very easily from major cities in Europe. This accessibility makes it a very good destination for people coming from far away, which is another big plus when choosing a wedding destination.

Menorca, a hidden gem in the Balearic Islands, is known for its peaceful beauty, which is a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of its better-known neighbours Majorca and Ibiza. Its beauty lies in its untouched landscapes full of palm trees, from picturesque turquoise bays to rich countryside and irresistible towns with interesting histories. Let's see some of the features of this island and why it could be shortlisted for your dream wedding.

Planning a wedding day is not as simple as a walk in the park, especially when it comes to an important decision, choosing the perfect venue. Now, as you prepare to begin this adventure, remember that the right location is just the beginning of the process. 

Menorca, with its best beaches and beautiful views, delicious cuisine, and lovely towns, provides a special and different place for your wedding ceremony. The island is teeming with boutique hotels and offers a wide variety of wedding venues suitable for any type of occasion.

At The Planner Co, we have a dedicated team that is always on the lookout for the ideal blend of wedding venues, details, and ambience to match the unique story of your relationship. On the other hand, it is very important to choose a place that is in line with your wishes, budget, and expectations.

So let's go through the wedding venues in Menorca together - places that epitomize romance, beauty, and celebration. With our experience and your vision, we will give you a special Menorca wedding, that will be unforgettable, and memories that will last forever. This is why we are dedicated to helping you discover the wonderful wedding venues Menorca has to offer.


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