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What do we do? We look after other people's happiness while they are with us

Over 10 years of experience organising weddings and events. For international couples, by an international couple.

Our team will make sure you have an stress-free planning while enjoying all the process. We will work together to find the best team of suppliers to make sure you have your dream wedding in Spain. 

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wedding planning services in BARCELONA

We don't like conventionalism and we think each wedding needs to be a reflection of your personality and culture. We offer different services, for all different type of couples. Check out all our services and get in touch for more information. 

Vicki & EJ

"As a couple from two different countries who didn't live in the country where we were going to do the wedding, their help was absolutely invaluable. We met 5 different wedding planners and The Planner Co blew us away from the first moment. To us, not only was it a practical decision, it also elevated our wedding to another level and was an investment on our own mental health and peace of mind! What was incredible was that, as much as they always brought us many different and wonderful options for suppliers, their first option was always the one that we ended up choosing - which proves how much they got to know us. Also, whilst they were resourceful and creative, they helped us make the right decisions and were firm with us when they had to. For us, they weren't just wedding planners, but friends. We were a true team of 5 and we wouldn't change our decision. If anything, we are sad we dont get to work with them anymore!"

"We were lucky to have the wedding of our dreams (and beyond) and it all started by a very wise decision - working with The Planner Co"

"We cannot thank The Planner Co. enough for the wonderful memories we have of our wedding week. We initially reached out to The Planner Co. because we wanted help with the logistics and liaising with suppliers. What we got was so much more than that! The Planner Co. injected so much creativity into our wedding and they have a real eye for the small, but all-important details that add a personal touch."

" They also made sure that I had a gin & tonic in my hand at all times - can't fault them!"

Becky & Sam

"Hiring The Planner Co means having a successful wedding! His involvement, affection, resolution and kindness are some of the pillars of their essence. Without a doubt we would count on them again. Thank you for such an impeccable job!"

"THANK YOU for such an impeccable job"

Juan Carlos & José Antonio


Words FROM
Barcelona, a wonderful place for the most special "I do's".

Are you seduced by the Mediterranean? If our wedding planner Barcelona team stops to think about this wonderful city, the first thing that comes to mind is the word magic. A city that was born to be more than just a city and to make every person who walks through its streets admire its modern style.

Barcelona is a city where you find everything at your fingertips. And speaking of scopes, shall we organise your big day together?

It has a particular attraction that we have not found in any other place. Whether it's its architecture, its alleys in the Gothic Quarter or making new friends in a pinchos bar accompanied by a good vermouth.

The ABC of The Planner Co:

  • The most European city in Spain. The cosmopolitan spirit of the city is breathed and lived in its streets. "Strolling through this city is a real journey back in time".
  • That smell of the sea: the climate, the gastronomy, but above all for its 5 kilometres of beach, here you will taste the true meaning of the word "Mediterranean".
  • You have heard of Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Gaudí... for many years Barcelona was their source of inspiration to leave their mark on Spanish art and creativity worldwide.
  • More than 160 different nationalities make up the city. A wonderful place where different cultures and languages mix.
  • Its Mediterranean gastronomy, one of the most admired gastronomies and that our wedding planner team knows very well to offer you the best delicatessen.


Are you getting married and looking for the perfect place?

We are going to give you the reasons why Barcelona is the place of your dreams. Our team of wedding planners wholeheartedly believe that the place, which is going to witness the most special "yes I do", needs to meet all your expectations and Barcelona offers wonderful places and spaces for your celebration.

From the moment you share with your loved ones that you are getting married, you start, in a way, the preparation of your wedding. You do it with great enthusiasm and affection.

This is the first phase, isn't it? But as time goes by and you feel the pressure of everything you have to organise, the world comes upon you. Stop! The important thing is to enjoy this stage of preparations and get to the day chosen to celebrate your love.

That's why we are here, to help you make the wedding you want to have a reality. Organising a personalised and special wedding is not an easy job, so take a breath and start enjoying yourselves.

This city will offer you the resources to make everything go smoothly and the wedding planner Barcelona team has the necessary time to prepare your wedding with all the professionalism of many years as wedding planners.

In white, long or short, with a morning coat, in a suit, with powerful heels, without heels, day or night, indoors or in the garden... we are in love with every corner of the city. And this city boasts idyllic spaces and the most exquisite gastronomy to celebrate one of your most special days.

How about a celebration in a place with charm and history?

One of the heritages of this city is the variety of charming farmhouses and our wedding planner Barcelona team knows them very well to be able to advise you on the best option.

And by the sea? Very close to Barcelona, to the north, there is a coastline with incredible and charming villages, the Costa Brava. A place where we can't resist organising a wedding either.

You choose how you want to live your wedding and because you are looking for a unique way to celebrate love, one of the wonders that the city of Barcelona offers is the good weather all year round. With more than 300 days of good weather, the sun of Barcelona will be witness to your wedding.

Barcelona is one of those cities that never sleeps, never rests and is always full of life. With an international airport and a bustling air traffic, the airport's runways welcome more than 1,000 flights a day, the vast majority of which connect with world capitals on direct routes.

The city of Barcelona and its wonders to celebrate your wedding and which has been an inspiration for hundreds of years for many artists such as painters, sculptors and architects. Our wedding planner Barcelona team has caught this spirit and we are here to offer you the best essence of the destination.

We like to compare a destination to the first kiss you get from the person who drives you crazy. When it happens you simply feel that it is passion, that you are in the place you want to be and that you wouldn't change that moment for anything. Well, I dare to ask you... is Barcelona the place that reminds you of that feeling of the first kiss to celebrate your love?

A wedding planner in Barcelona could vary depend on their experience, their knowledge, their services and packages you book them for.  Arrange a consultation call with your preferences and find out their details. 

A wedding venue in Barcelona can cost anything from 2.000 euros to 20.000 euros. This will depend on many elements so checking advice from a local planner will guide you through all the options. 

It's always a great idea to have a wedding planner if you are planning a destination wedding. Having someone on the ground, that speaks the language, knows the industry and have done weddings million times will save you time, money and worries. 

To find the perfect wedding planner for your wedding we always recommend to select a few different planners and interview with them. It will be a long process working with them and they will be your right hand to find the perfect suppliers, so don't make this decision lightly. 

Is not expensive to get married in Barcelona although is not the cheapest city in Spain to do so. The quality of all their suppliers, the great connection with the world and the seaside, makes Barcelona a great place to get married and one of the most requested for destination weddings. 

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