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What do we do? We look after other people's happiness while they are with us

Over 10 years of experience organising weddings and events. For international couples, by an international couple.

Our team will make sure you have an stress-free planning while enjoying all the process. We will work together to find the best team of suppliers to make sure you have your dream wedding in Spain. 

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We don't like conventionalism and we think each wedding needs to be a reflection of your personality and culture. We offer different services, for all different type of couples. Check out all our services and get in touch for more information. 

Vicki & EJ

"As a couple from two different countries who didn't live in the country where we were going to do the wedding, their help was absolutely invaluable. We met 5 different wedding planners and The Planner Co blew us away from the first moment. To us, not only was it a practical decision, it also elevated our wedding to another level and was an investment on our own mental health and peace of mind! What was incredible was that, as much as they always brought us many different and wonderful options for suppliers, their first option was always the one that we ended up choosing - which proves how much they got to know us. Also, whilst they were resourceful and creative, they helped us make the right decisions and were firm with us when they had to. For us, they weren't just wedding planners, but friends. We were a true team of 5 and we wouldn't change our decision. If anything, we are sad we dont get to work with them anymore!"

"We were lucky to have the wedding of our dreams (and beyond) and it all started by a very wise decision - working with The Planner Co"

"We cannot thank The Planner Co. enough for the wonderful memories we have of our wedding week. We initially reached out to The Planner Co. because we wanted help with the logistics and liaising with suppliers. What we got was so much more than that! The Planner Co. injected so much creativity into our wedding and they have a real eye for the small, but all-important details that add a personal touch."

" They also made sure that I had a gin & tonic in my hand at all times - can't fault them!"

Becky & Sam

"Hiring The Planner Co means having a successful wedding! His involvement, affection, resolution and kindness are some of the pillars of their essence. Without a doubt we would count on them again. Thank you for such an impeccable job!"

"THANK YOU for such an impeccable job"

Juan Carlos & José Antonio


Words FROM
Arturo Pérez Reverte once said:
"It's fictional here, except for the setting.
Nobody could invent a city like Seville".

Get ready for us to take you to a warm, cheerful, majestic city, full of art and, above all, special because of its Sevillian people.

Those who live in Seville say that they live in the best city in the world and they may even be right. And if so, why not celebrate your wedding in the best city in the world?

Surely at some point you have dreamt of your wedding, probably with hundreds of guests, with a spectacular dress and an elegant suit. True love does not understand palaces or luxuries, but it does understand places that become the perfect setting to celebrate love. And, an essential ingredient, you are looking for the perfect organisation to celebrate your wedding. Welcome to Seville.

Hiring a wedding planner in Sevilla makes weddings a truly special, happy and unforgettable day for you and your guests. We know that you are not willing to settle and that is why our experience in wedding planning makes the difference and we take care of every detail.

The time has come to get married, the time for the bride, the time for the groom, and you have realised that you don't need a fairytale wedding. You want your wedding to be unique and different and, most importantly, to share it with the people who love you.

The ABC of The Planner Co:

Where do you feel like celebrating? And where do you want to eat and toast?

Our team of wedding planners, as Seville event planners, will take care of all the details, which will make you feel that everything around you is magical. We organise a wedding from the heart, without rushing or pressure and with all the dedication that the big day deserves, the day of the celebration of your union.

The Andalusian capital offers wonderful spaces. Sevillian Haciendas built in the 17th and 18th centuries, with a lot of history, a rustic setting and preserving all the architectural elements. The modern facilities stand out in order to offer a perfect service. Their landscaped surroundings are made up of orange and olive trees, characteristic of the Sevillian countryside. These haciendas were used for olive growing and, nowadays, they are idyllic spaces for events, such as your wedding celebration.

We also discover spectacular locations overlooking a perfect setting to celebrate your wedding.

Our team of Seville wedding planners, with years of experience, knows perfectly all the spectacular corners that Seville has for the celebration of the most special I do! and we advise and help you to find that place you want.

We are sure that your guests will come from many different corners of the world. Don't worry, the Andalusian capital is a destination open to the world and offers very good connections with the main European cities. Moreover, it is a pioneer city in the development of high speed trains in Spain and it only takes 2 and a half hours to get to Seville from Madrid by train.

As event planners in Seville and specialist wedding planners, we offer you all the resources and time necessary to ensure that your wedding will be remembered with great affection by you and your guests.

Andalusian gastronomy offers a range of exquisite options for you to enjoy at your wedding. Sevillian dishes have deep traces of the Arabic cuisine of al-Andalus and, over the years, this cuisine has evolved. We offer you a concept in which creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Andalusian cuisine combines the traditional with design and becomes a success for you to enjoy and lick your fingers.

And speaking of success, we look forward to seeing you in Seville. Remember, it is probably the best city in the world to celebrate your love.

Where do we start?

Can you imagine an emblematic place on the banks of the Guadalquivir?

A wedding planner in Sevilla could vary depend on their experience, their knowledge, their services and packages you book them for.  Arrange a consultation call with your preferences and find out their details. 

A wedding venue in Sevilla can cost anything from 0 euros to 15.000 euros. This will depend on many elements so checking advice from a local planner will guide you through all the options. 

It's always a great idea to have a wedding planner if you are planning a destination wedding. Having someone on the ground, that speaks the language, knows the industry and have done weddings million times will save you time, money and worries. 

To find the perfect wedding planner for your wedding we always recommend to select a few different planners and interview with them. It will be a long process working with them and they will be your right hand to find the perfect suppliers, so don't make this decision lightly. 

Is not expensive to get married in Sevilla but will always depend on your requirements and expectations. Having a local planner will help you estimating and planning the right budget for each city. 

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