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What do we do? We look after other people's happiness while they are with us

Over 10 years of experience organising weddings and events. For international couples, by an international couple.

Our team will make sure you have an stress-free planning while enjoying all the process. We will work together to find the best team of suppliers to make sure you have your dream wedding in Spain. 

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We don't like conventionalism and we think each wedding needs to be a reflection of your personality and culture. We offer different services, for all different type of couples. Check out all our services and get in touch for more information. 

Vicki & EJ

"As a couple from two different countries who didn't live in the country where we were going to do the wedding, their help was absolutely invaluable. We met 5 different wedding planners and The Planner Co blew us away from the first moment. To us, not only was it a practical decision, it also elevated our wedding to another level and was an investment on our own mental health and peace of mind! What was incredible was that, as much as they always brought us many different and wonderful options for suppliers, their first option was always the one that we ended up choosing - which proves how much they got to know us. Also, whilst they were resourceful and creative, they helped us make the right decisions and were firm with us when they had to. For us, they weren't just wedding planners, but friends. We were a true team of 5 and we wouldn't change our decision. If anything, we are sad we dont get to work with them anymore!"

"We were lucky to have the wedding of our dreams (and beyond) and it all started by a very wise decision - working with The Planner Co"

"We cannot thank The Planner Co. enough for the wonderful memories we have of our wedding week. We initially reached out to The Planner Co. because we wanted help with the logistics and liaising with suppliers. What we got was so much more than that! The Planner Co. injected so much creativity into our wedding and they have a real eye for the small, but all-important details that add a personal touch."

" They also made sure that I had a gin & tonic in my hand at all times - can't fault them!"

Becky & Sam

"Hiring The Planner Co means having a successful wedding! His involvement, affection, resolution and kindness are some of the pillars of their essence. Without a doubt we would count on them again. Thank you for such an impeccable job!"

"THANK YOU for such an impeccable job"

Juan Carlos & José Antonio


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Bespoke Luxury Wedding Planning IN COSTA DEL SOL 

Searching for a place to get married is a truly exciting adventure, and that's why we're here to see how Malaga fits into that story and whether it could be a good starting point and beginning for your new life. Let's discover the beautiful tapestry of Malaga, which makes it an exceptional wedding location, and all the fun things that this city in Spain has to offer.

Malaga region, with its sunny coast and rich cultural history, offers a picturesque setting and is the right opportunity for those who want a traditional celebration surrounded by the sea.

This city, one of the oldest in the world, is not just an ordinary destination, but a place where you can experience various spells of the Spanish spirit and turn the events of your wedding day into an unforgettable experience.

Located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Malaga is a place of contrasts, where the old like the Alcazaba and the Cathedral of Malaga mix with the modern - numerous bars and clubs open all night until the early hours of the morning.

The ABC of The Planner Co:

Wedding Planners of The Planner Co: The Team Responsible for The Entire Process

How about giving your love to each other with a view of the Mediterranean Sea? Or you can fulfill your childish wishes and dreams and hold the ceremony in a centuries-old castle or a hidden garden decorated so that every detail tells its own story.

Choosing us for planning services, as your professional wedding planners, means hard work and dedication to bring your dream wedding to perfection. Every detail will be designed with full professional attention, every moment creatively arranged according to your measurements, and every experience specially tailored to tell your story.

Job of Wedding Planner

Allow us to help you with wedding planning service through our involvement with you in creating and executing this best day that is as important to us as it is to you.

However, it is not only about technical details but also about creating a vision and mood that is unparalleled and most important. Do you want a wedding that has a Spanish touch but without clichés? We've got your back.

Dreaming of a modern celebration that breaks the mold? Say no more. We always progress in creativity and innovation, ensuring that your big day is not just a passing event, but a memorable experience for you and your friends.

Variety of Wedding Venues: From Seaside to Mountain Views

In Malaga, the wedding venues are as diverse as the brides and grooms whose weddings happen to take place here. Every setting in Malaga, whether it's the quiet beaches lapped by gentle waves or the mighty mountains that stand as a breathtaking backdrop, plays a role that goes beyond just a romantic setting, but a whole chapter in celebrating your love story.

Such venues should not be seen simply as places waiting to be filled with the defining moments of your wedding day but as experiences ready to be lived.

Can you imagine your wedding day in one of the oldest cities in the world where every street tells the story of ancient civilizations? Malaga's rich history is displayed through the Roman amphitheater, the magnificent cathedral, the stunning Alcazaba, and many other sights. This setting can make you feel like your wedding day is set in the middle of a historical era.

The key thing is that Malaga as a wedding location can offer you everything you need and more. The city's natural surroundings range from lush gardens with Andalusian flowers in bloom to cliff-top terraces that offer views south of the city with absolutely beautiful sunsets, providing an amazing setting for your special day.

History of the Country Surrounded by Impressive Architecture 

The city's mix of architectural styles provides a variety of environments, from intimate and historic to contemporary. All the stress and worry will disappear when you choose one of the venues for the wedding ceremony, whether it is a palace that dates back centuries, whose corridors echo history, or an art gallery that was built in a modern style, but still retains the romance of the classic years.

Start planning about suppliers, decoration, and catering early and choose what suits you best. The history of the city is a mosaic composed of Moorish, Roman, and Phoenician threads, with each period leaving its mark on the architecture.

Food and Specialties of Spanish Cuisine on Your Wedding Menu

From sardines grilled over an open fire to churros dipped in hot chocolate, this beautiful seaside town has a lot to offer when it comes to delicious bites and rich dining.

Your wedding menu can of course be a hit, with a very luxurious cuisine, from traditional tapas, Gazpacho, Paella, and Pipirrana to experimental dishes that you will complete with a sweet wine known as Malaga Dulce.

We are sure that every bite will bring pleasure and delight to your whole family and guests when they try these various dishes. Also, the availability of seven restaurants with Michelin stars in the province, as well as the local tradition of good wines, make your celebration unforgettable, and you can offer your guests a taste of the best that will make both you and them happy.

Celebrate your marriage in a uniquely Malaga style that incorporates the best day in the area's wine culture in your wedding toasts. Indulge in the wide range of wines that Malaga has to offer, whether it's the sweet and intense flavors of D.O. Malaga or fresh and refreshing white from D.O. Sierra de Malaga.

Local wines are more than a drink, they are a way to discover the authenticity and flavor of the region, so you can be sure to add a unique touch to your wedding evening.

However, why would you stop at just wine? Incorporate the culture of the city of Malaga into your wedding day to add depth and interest to the celebration. For example, a dynamic flamenco performance that will have everyone take on a dance floor or local craftsmen who with expertise will make personalized souvenirs for your guests. These cultural features will permeate the soul of Malaga through your celebration, thus making this event worth remembering.

For example, you could host a coffee-themed reception that recognizes the city's unique coffee culture, or create a menu of beachside that reflects the "boqueron" part of the city's affectionate nickname and its residents' love of anchovies.

These brilliant details serve not only to achieve an authentic look and feel but also to stimulate memories of Malaga's local traditions and tastes, resulting in a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

Include Cultural Heritage and Experience the Charms of Andalusia Through Your Destination Wedding

Malaga's climate, which averages around 300 sunny days per year, is an excellent destination for weddings as the likelihood of good weather is almost certain.

The city has the warmest winters of all major European cities and a Mediterranean climate that allows for a stress-free celebration, so you can choose an indoor ceremony, but also enjoy the beauty of outdoor venues, either on sunny beaches or in green gardens scattered throughout the city.

For those who cannot imagine their wedding ceremony without beautiful nature, Malaga will create a fairy tale setting for your celebration. Vineyards, botanical gardens, locations near the beach, and even the rough beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges can be just some of the fun options where nature will come to the fore and be your ideal place to celebrate.

Think of your wedding photos with the Roman amphitheater, cathedral, or Alcazaba in the background. These are not just icons, but a symbol of a city that was a mixing pot of cultures, which will provide a dramatic and historic setting for your wedding

The Natural Beauty of the Country: Photos That You Will Surely Frame

A wedding planner in Malaga could vary depend on their experience, their knowledge, their services and packages you book them for.  Arrange a consultation call with your preferences and find out their details. 

A wedding venue in Malaga can cost anything from 5.000 euros to 50.000 euros. This will depend on many elements so checking advice from a local planner will guide you through all the options. 

It's always a great idea to have a wedding planner if you are planning a destination wedding. Having someone on the ground, that speaks the language, knows the industry and have done weddings million times will save you time, money and worries. 

Is not expensive to get married in Malaga, but it will always depend on your expectations and how would you like the wedding to be. Speaking with a local planner will help you estimating the right budget for you. 

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