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What do we do? We look after other people's happiness while they are with us

Over 10 years of experience organising weddings and events. For international couples, by an international couple.

Our team will make sure you have an stress-free planning while enjoying all the process. We will work together to find the best team of suppliers to make sure you have your dream wedding in Spain. 

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We don't like conventionalism and we think each wedding needs to be a reflection of your personality and culture. We offer different services, for all different type of couples. Check out all our services and get in touch for more information. 

Vicki & EJ

"As a couple from two different countries who didn't live in the country where we were going to do the wedding, their help was absolutely invaluable. We met 5 different wedding planners and The Planner Co blew us away from the first moment. To us, not only was it a practical decision, it also elevated our wedding to another level and was an investment on our own mental health and peace of mind! What was incredible was that, as much as they always brought us many different and wonderful options for suppliers, their first option was always the one that we ended up choosing - which proves how much they got to know us. Also, whilst they were resourceful and creative, they helped us make the right decisions and were firm with us when they had to. For us, they weren't just wedding planners, but friends. We were a true team of 5 and we wouldn't change our decision. If anything, we are sad we dont get to work with them anymore!"

"We were lucky to have the wedding of our dreams (and beyond) and it all started by a very wise decision - working with The Planner Co"

"We cannot thank The Planner Co. enough for the wonderful memories we have of our wedding week. We initially reached out to The Planner Co. because we wanted help with the logistics and liaising with suppliers. What we got was so much more than that! The Planner Co. injected so much creativity into our wedding and they have a real eye for the small, but all-important details that add a personal touch."

" They also made sure that I had a gin & tonic in my hand at all times - can't fault them!"

Becky & Sam

"Hiring The Planner Co means having a successful wedding! His involvement, affection, resolution and kindness are some of the pillars of their essence. Without a doubt we would count on them again. Thank you for such an impeccable job!"

"THANK YOU for such an impeccable job"

Juan Carlos & José Antonio


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Bespoke Luxury Wedding Planning IN the city of the three cultures

Toledo, a city with a rich history, is an interesting location for weddings because it has an ambiance that magically transports you to the land of the 'City of the Three Cultures'.

This rich cultural heritage, which is evident in creating weddings almost in every corner of the city, is a fusion of three religions, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish, which creates a unique and enchanting environment. What comes to mind when you imagine your wedding day?

Here you will find narrow medieval streets, incredible architecture and buildings that you will admire, as well as a beautiful romantic atmosphere that surrounds the entire city. This is where our wedding planning company comes into play to turn your dream into reality with the most up-to-date and precise planning services to make your wedding just the way you envisioned it.

The ABC of The Planner Co:

The Planner Co. at Your Service: Event Planning With The Assistance of a Wedding Planning Company 

Business is not hard and tiring if you do what you love. Planning events for a big day, such as a wedding, in a city you don't know, is a complex task where you have to take care of all the details. Creating wedding parties that will remain a memory and that our couples fondly remember, is what fulfills us, and why we primarily do this work.

Choosing The Planner Co. as a wedding planner for your celebration in Toledo will allow you to enjoy your big day without worry. Our group of experienced wedding planners will make sure that every detail of your wedding party is perfect until the last moment.

Whether it's coordinating with vendors, managing the hourly rate, or attending to the minutest details, our first and foremost objective is to create stress-free, successful events that resonate with the charm of Toledo.

Our team at The Planner Co excels in orchestrating classy bucket events and wedding coordination, offering a comprehensive suite of services for all types of celebrations. From intimate bridal showers to grand wedding receptions, our expertise ensures that every detail is meticulously crafted to create your perfect day.

We take pride in being your one-stop shop in the wedding industry, offering an array of services from full planning, and day of wedding coordination to vendor liaising and reception, all tailored to meet our clients' ultimate goals.

Toledo: A Beautiful City To Discover and Enjoy

If you decide to get married in Toledo, it would be like opening the cover of a book you haven't read in years, where every street and location tells stories of the past. We will be happy to organize this event for you, as we do many special events here, and allow you to enjoy the history of the city while having great fun with your friends in the chosen location.

The charm of Toledo and its size will undoubtedly make your wedding even more distinctive and provide your guests with unforgettable moments from their wedding day. From the Jewish Quarter to the beautiful Mirador del Valle, the city offers an endless array of fascinating places that deserve to be explored.

The fact that Toledo was the capital of the Visigothic kingdom and played an important role in Visigothic, Moorish, and Christian times is what will make your celebration more interesting and give it depth and meaning.

Your wedding in this city would not only be a celebration but would allow you and your loved ones to experience the culture of the city, enjoy delicious specialties, and create memories to last a lifetime.

We are sure that the city's architectural achievements, from Gothic cathedrals to historic synagogues and mosques, which are not only the most beautiful places but also a link to the past, will leave you speechless. These numerous sights that the city has to offer will leave a lasting impression on your wedding.

A Memorable Reception in Toledo: Your Vision and Wedding Celebration Combined into a Beautiful Love Story

Planning an event, especially a wedding, can be quite overwhelming. However, at The Planner Co, you won't just be hiring a wedding coordinator, you'll be working with a team dedicated to making every detail of your wedding run smoothly.

Toledo is a city where every street has its own story and has many great places to hold a beautiful wedding ceremony. Imagine declaring your commitment to your partner in the presence of the Alcázar of Toledo or the grandeur of the Gothic cathedral in Toledo. The history of the city and its amazing scenery make this place a good choice for holding your special day.

From event design, and venue selection, to the overall smooth functioning of the event on the wedding day, our team is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and outstanding service. We have wedding planning covered, from partial planning to a day of the event coordination together, so you don't have to worry about any part of your event.

Toledo, a city near Madrid that is beautiful to visit at any time of the year, with many festivals dating back centuries and impressive sights dating back to the days of ancient Rome, is a place that has a lot to offer and can stand proud on par with other wedding destinations.

Local specialties include roast lamb or stew, cochifrito, alubias con perdiz, perdiz estofada, carcamusa, migas, gachas manchegas, and tortilla a la magra. Two of the city’s most renowned culinary products are Manchego cheese and marzipan. These dishes reflect the essence of local culinary traditions and contribute to the festive spirit of the region.

Our planners will know how to help you express your creativity and create an event that will be a successful event, from the very beginning.

The food at dinner will be exceptional, the music will be fun and will make you dance, the place will be magical, and you and your guests will be satisfied, so we are sure that this party will be talked about for a long time. Think about this and keep Toledo in mind when choosing your wedding venue.

Wedding Events in Toledo: Don't Wait Too Long, Make Your Perfect Day Unforgettable

A wedding planner in Toledo could vary depend on their experience, their knowledge, their services and packages you book them for.  Arrange a consultation call with your preferences and find out their details. 

A wedding venue in Toledo can cost anything from 2.000 euros to 30.000 euros. This will depend on many elements so checking advice from a local planner will guide you through all the options. 

It's always a great idea to have a wedding planner if you are planning a destination wedding. Having someone on the ground, that speaks the language, knows the industry and have done weddings million times will save you time, money and worries. 

Is not expensive to get married in Toledo, but it will always depend on your expectations and how would you like the wedding to be. Speaking with a local planner will help you estimating the right budget for you. 

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